Inventory Management

Multi-location, multi-channel inventory and purchasing management software

Boniro's inventory management software provides stock visibility across all your locations and channels from purchase right through to fulfilment.

Key Inventory Management Capabilities

Multi-channel inventory management

Centralise management of inventory across ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar stores to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Multi-location inventory tracking

Track stock across multiple warehouses or stores from a central control panel.

Barcode driven receipting, pick & pack

Improve accuracy and efficiency with barcode receipting, pick and pack. In Boniro, products support all common barcode types (Barcode, UPC, EAN, ISBN).

Flexible inventory cycle counting

Streamline your stock taking and improve accuracy throughout the year with the ability to count parts of your inventory, at any time, without having to do an entire stock take.

Inbuilt landed cost calculations

By attributing purchase order expenses like freight into your cost of sales, you get an accurate view of profitability per product.

Buy locally or internationally

Real-time currency conversion, enabling you to place purchase orders for international suppliers.

Work smarter, not harder
Operate a smart, modern supply chain

Work smarter, not harder

Stock shortages and overages are caused by a lack of transparency, a direct result of systems not integrating properly. Boniro centralises sales, inventory and purchasing data into a single end-to-end platform. Empowering you to streamline and automate supply chain operations for all your sales channels.

Gain purchasing power
Be a better retailer

Gain purchasing power

Being a successful retailer means purchasing the right products, in the right quantities at the best possible price. With a full understanding of your true product costs, you can ensure you have the information required to forecast demand effectively.